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IBPF Products

These items are created by IBPF and the suggested donation is the cost of producing the item. You can make a donation at our donate page. International shipping is available. 

Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder Book

Our Healthy Living book is an overview of all aspects of healthy living with bipolar disorder, including medication, nutrition, relationships, travel, aging, spirituality, and more. This is especially helpful for those who are newly diagnosed and looking for a "user manual."

Share the book with your loved ones to help them understand what you are going through and how they can help.  

The book is available as a PDF or hard copy and can be ordered here. The suggested donation for the hard copies is $20. You can make a donation at our donate page and select Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder Book under "Select Gift Type."


 Hope Packet










If someone you care about is going through a rough time, you can send them a hope packet to let them know you are thinking about them. Our hope packet contains stones and coins with inspirational phrases, a bookmark, a magnet, and a card for a personal message. 

Available for a suggested donation of $10, make a donation through our donate page. Under "Select Gift Type" choose Other and write in Hope Packet.

We can ship the packet to you or directly to your friend/loved one. If you would like us to send the packet directly to your friend, please email the following information to Aubrey at 

  • Their name
  • Their mailing address
  • The message you would like us to include

Fun Patch

Inspired by our Girl Scout patch, you can own our Fun Patch in support of our mission! 

Available for a suggested donation of $5, order through our donate page. Under "Select Gift Type" choose Other and write in Fun Patch.




Made by Our Volunteers

Some of our creatively-inclined volunteers have side projects in addition to the work they do for us. When you purchase one of their products, you are supporting IBPF in two ways: you are supporting our volunteers who we are so grateful for, and a percentage of your purchase is donated to IBPF. 

Beat the Beast

Beat the Beast is a website with a blog and products like shirts, mugs, and notebooks featuring the Beat the Beast logo. It was created by one of our bloggers, Carrie.

"The mission of Bipolar Beast is to empower people with bipolar disorder to live full, productive, and creative lives. We focus on ability rather than disability, strengths rather than deficits, and mental wellness rather than mental illness. At our Bipolar Beast Shop, you'll find all kinds of "Beat the Beast" items designed to remind you that you have the power to manage bipolar disorder." 



 Forever Different


 A memoir by one of our volunteers, Christine.

"An uncut, raw and gripping story of one woman's life struggle with the extreme highs and lows of Bipolar I Disorder. The denial of her diagnosis and the eventual acceptance of her medication and disease. She takes us from her innocence as a child to her adult criminal lifestyle, which led to a subsequent 70 month federal prison sentence for securities fraud. A tale so unbelievable and elements so disturbing, you would swear you were reading fiction."




3rd Party Promotions

These are offered by various third parties and a portion of your purchase is donated to IBPF.

Bead Relief Bracelet

Bead Relief partners with many charities to make bracelets and other jewelry. "This Bracelet design was inspired by IBPF, and is used to raise awareness and donations for their cause. Each bracelet is hand made using our unique beads, elastic band, and finished with our signature copper BEAD RELIEF tag." The colors in our bracelet are from our logo.



Pura Vida Bracelet

The Bipolar Disorder Awareness bracelet is part of a collection of awareness bracelets. "The Charity Collection was created to give back to charities all over the world through the sale of individual charity bracelets. In 2013 we were able to donate over $140,000 to 190+ charity organizations and we’ve only grown since then."



The same Amazon and a percentage of your purchase is donated to IBPF.

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