Simplifying and Communicating

Author: Sarah Ross


I find strength to persevere through challenging times by simplifying tasks as much as possible and through communication.

If I keep my thoughts to myself, I will just end up spiraling. Once I reflect my thoughts to someone I trust, I feel a weight off my shoulders. I believe everyone should have at least one person in their life that they feel comfortable enough to discuss their mental health with. Whether it be a partner, a relative or a friend, it helps to have someone listen to you when you are feeling your lowest. I know that if I keep to myself for too long, I will get so caught up in my thoughts and emotion, that it triggers my anxiety and in turn I end up feeling worse; both mentally and physically.


By communicating how you feel it doesn’t just help heal you, but it can heal others as well, as sharing your thoughts and experiences can make others realize they aren’t the only one that thinks or feels this way. It’s so easy to think you are alone when you are in the middle of a depressive episode, but you aren’t and there are so many other people around the world that have felt the same way.


Communication is also important for when you need to set boundaries, no can read minds and if someone offering you advice or help is making you uncomfortable than you need to let them know. Setting boundaries is so important when it comes to healing, because there are going to days that are harder than others, and sometimes being alone is preferred. Setting boundaries can also mean letting people know if something they say or do triggers you, ending toxic friendships or relationships or choosing to not disclose your mental health to certain loved ones in your life. It’s not something that is easy to do, but you can do it without coming across as rude.


In times where I feel I am getting worse with my depression; I also find that simplifying my day-to-day tasks helps a lot.
For example, I will buy microwave meals so I don’t have the pressure of cooking something for myself in the back of my mind, or I will always have a few containers of leftovers stored in my freezer just in case. It’s so easy for me to lose my appetite when I am depressed, the thought of having to finish 3 main meals a day can be overwhelming sometimes, so I will eat smaller meals throughout the day instead.

I’ll keep stock of pantry foods as well such as tinned soups, baked beans and even fruit cups so that takes away a task of preparing fruit to eat at work.

When it comes to cleaning, instead of doing it all at once I’ll do certain chores over a few days, so I don’t see it as such a big hurdle to overcome.

If I don’t want to wash my hair, then I will use dry shampoo. If I don’t want to do my full skin care routine, then I use some face wipes instead.


The easier I make it for myself, the better.

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