This post is written from a Christian perpective. 

I sat there in a beautiful room awaiting the marriage of my cousin’s son and I looked up at the chandelier overhead.  It was exquisite in its design and purity. It even had star shapes formed in the middle of its crowning glory.  I was captivated by its beauty, then I looked into the mirror on the opposite wall.  There, reflecting the entire 6 foot structure was a twin.  The twin chandelier in the mirror was the same but it showed many colors of the rainbow as the light peeking around the edges of the structure adding depth and character, making it even more brilliant and spectacular. 

I thought of myself and of certain times when I feel special and even beautiful but when I see myself reflected through the mirror of God’s love and His light I can see so much more depth, color and endless potential. May I seek that mirror more often and receive that color more deeply that I may one day be spectacular as well. 

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