Spencer McCauley

Hi! My name is Spencer and I am a new blogger for the Bipolar Foundation. I recently graduated from Trinity College, obtaining my BS in Psychology and completing the Interarts track as well as the Pre-med track. I am interested in pursuing a career in psychological research and possibly exploring the benefits of art therapy.

I want my blog to focus on art and bipolar disorder. Ever since I was able I have been drawing, playing viola, singing, writing poetry, acting and entertaining myself through the arts. I find that art transcends boundaries and can evoke a sense of connection between the artist and the viewer. I am confident in my abilities to interpret and bring interesting art to my blog.

My interest in bipolar disorder, however, is not from experience but from learning about the disorder through psychology courses. Kay Jamison’s memoir “An Unquiet Mind” initially piqued my interest in bipolar disorder. Her book helped me understand the struggle she experienced to retain her own identity while remaining at a safe level of stability. The inherent poetry of the book also attracted me to learning more about bipolar disorder.

The interaction between bipolar disorder and art is particularly interesting to me as an artist. Therefore my blog will focus on art and bipolar disorder. I do not want to limit myself by looking at any specific direction of the two topics, nor will I limit it to individuals who have bipolar disorder. As a matter of fact, I am starting my blog talking about a song that only mentions a drug that can be used in the treatment of bipolar disorder.

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