Stay Curious

Author: Trevor Simonson

I used to think my life was over. There was nothing left for me. The world was empty. I still deal with that feeling, though it may not be as strong right now. It is like living in a cage. Existing in a dim light with no sense of self, no hope for the future.

We live in a huge world. A world with endless possibilities and so much to learn. If only some of us could see it more often. If we could look up from the gloom, and see the skies, the horizon. If only we could feel the wind, hear the birds, and appreciate the smell of the earth.

I love walking in nature. The world seems so large, and I seem so small. My problems take a backseat to my curiosity. I want to see, to feel, to listen. To appreciate the good things that this world has to offer. I want to explore. To expand beyond the cage that I keep myself trapped in. And every time I let my curiosity take over, I feel myself growing. I start to believe that I belong here.

We all need to spend less time stuck in our own heads. Put things in perspective. In this wide world, should we let our negative thoughts dominate our life? I know it is hard. I am not a great example. But I truly believe that curiosity helps growth and healing. We add to ourselves by learning, through discovery. And as we add more positives to our life, we feel a sense of belonging. We are not a burden. We are just people seeing what the world has to offer.

I love being around kids. They are the best teachers. They chase the world around them. They do not let inner conflict dominate their lives. They are quick to forgive, and quick to forget. I see their curiosity, their imagination. We can learn so much from children.

Make an effort to expand your horizon. To learn, to discover. You will find a greater sense of purpose. You will experience more joy, and more peace. And you will accomplish more than you ever thought that you could. Stay Curious.

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