Support Someone In The Crowd…

Author: Serena Goldsmith, LCSW

As someone who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder thirty years ago, I used to be someone in the crowd who did not know that there was hope for recovery. I wish that there had been an organization like International Bipolar Foundation back then – it would have helped me tremendously and I would not have felt so alone in trying to find the answers I needed.
I am grateful that the stigma around mental health issues has decreased quite a bit in the last thirty years, but there are still many “someones in the crowd” who may be suffering in silence and afraid to reach out for help due to a fear of stigma, discrimination, feeling ashamed, or feeling like something is wrong with them that cannot be “fixed.”
Because bipolar disorder can affect anyone, that someone could be your coworker, neighbor, friend, family member, or yourself. If you or someone you know is suffering and in need of support, IBPF is a wonderful resource to utilize as well as reaching out to mental health professionals.
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and therapist, I have the privilege of assisting others with bipolar to navigate their recovery journeys, and I refer them to the IBPF website and book “Healthy Living with Bipolar” for additional information and connection. Knowledge is power. It is so important to know that there is hope and that people diagnosed with bipolar can live happy and productive lives and achieve their goals.
While I have loved attending and volunteering at previous in-person Starry Night events, I am excited that this year there will be a virtual event because we can reach a larger audience and spread this message of hope on a larger scale. I look forward to seeing you there!
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