This may not hit home with all of you, but it is whats on my mind lately. Often we hear in movies and hospital shows the common line, “science can only come so far, and then there’s God.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but I put a lot of trust in God, especially when it comes to battling this disorder. I sometimes have the fleeting worry, “what if my medicine stops working? What if my body starts to reject it? What if I’m faced with something stressful that I can’t handle?”

Friends, that is where faith and prayer come in for me. In the Bible, there are many stories about Jesus casting out demons. I honestly believe that today’s mental disorders are modern day demons. Unfortunately, we don’t have a miracle worker walking around the Earth casting them out anymore. Instead, the Lord has blessed us with scientists and doctors smarter than all of us to create anti-psychotic medication to help us battle these demons. Is that enough though? My answer is no. Those of us who pray to a God, must then surround ourselves with others who share our faith, care about us, and ask them to be our guardian angels on watch to see if our behavior takes unexpected turns. We must also pray. We need to pray for our medicine to work, our therapy to be meaningful, and strength to face each day the best we can.

Bless you all.

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