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Allison Strong

My Journey With DBT: Part 3

I’m in a year-long Dialectical Behavioral Therapy program.  Many people repeat the course. More than once! They say in their first year they felt more like passengers than patients because there’s so much material to cover.

 I agree. Now that we’re at the end of the semester, there’s so much transformative information that I’m having trouble remembering it all. If I can repeat the class, I will also. Why not? I’ve come so far.

My Journey With DBT: Part 2

When I first did intake for group dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), I sorta ‘flunked.’


Coming Out After 25 Years With Bipolar: Who Am I Anyway?

I’m not who I say I am. That’s because my family would prefer I not use my given name. 

Many of them don’t believe in bipolar disorder. 

They think my difficulties were created by using street stimulants during my halcyon Hollywood years, struggling to stay slender for the cameras. Taking mood stabilizers, antidepressants? Just more drug abuse. The challenging side effects of tardive dyskinesia and Metabolic syndrome? My fault. 


He Loves Me, Bipolar or Not


I first saw Allison at an AA meeting that I had been attending for several years. She was (is) a beautiful, lively and animated woman who I decided I wanted to get to know better. Little did I know that after she accepted, and we went on our first date, that we would fall in love and become a lifelong couple. 

Couples With Bipolar Disorder: 8 Tips to Prevent "Double Trouble"

It’s classic, Shakespearean even. (Romeo and Juliet). 

Boy Meets Girl in rehab, AA or group therapy and they fall ‘in love.’ 

Warnings fall on deaf ears. Their focus shifts from recovery to each other while  they float off on a pink cloud. 

Then the bubble bursts. 

If the relationship fails, it’s heartbreaking. Betrayal is triggering, to say the least. I’ve been there more than once. It can be tricky. 

On the other hand, a strong bond with someone who shares your challenges can be the most meaningful, supportive, enduring relationship ever.  

David Bowie: You'll Always Be A Hero To Me

When tormented musicians perish I overrelate. It becomes more about me than the departed. 

This is about him. 

David Bowie. The King of ‘Sound and Vision,’ crossed divides of age, fame, race, sexuality, politics, and style with theatrical flair and fun. 

In his latest video, “Lazarus,” he sings about being ‘free as the bluebird,’ with ‘nothing left to lose.’

He’s immortal to me. Collaborators like Iggy Pop and Lou Reed say he co-wrote songs jumpstarting their commercial success. Without his help, they say, they’d have remained ‘underground’ forever. 

Confessions of a Manic Mystery Shopper

I was once a high-valued corporate spy, investigating customer service everywhere I went by working as a mystery shopper. After a year of luxury brand espionage, I went inactive. 

Why would I forgo hitting posh hair salons on the house, free smells, scrubs, and soaps while receiving hand massages? Wouldn’t I miss playing ‘let’s pretend I’m rich and famous’ while being measured for Haute Couture I’d never pick up? 

Move Over Movement Disorder

Have you ever felt that you were the patient treatment wouldn’t help? After three years of searching for relief from Tardive Dyskinesia I was defeated. Out cold. Counted to ten. My saving grace was my husband because he would not let me give up. We were both up every morning at 5am, googling ‘Movement Disorder Specialists,’ ‘Tardive Dyskinesia,’ ‘Neurology’ and other keywords that weren’t specific enough to get me the help I needed to stop the uncontrollable shaking.