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Amy Gamble

Let’s Talk Psychosis

Why don’t we talk more about psychosis from bipolar disorder? 

I am an avid reader. I read a ton of articles and blogs written by bipolar mental health advocates. What I’ve recently realized is that there is a lot written about mania and depression, but not much shared about psychosis. If there is stigma about the ups and downs of bipolar disorder, then there is super stigma attached to psychosis. 

Why do I want to talk about it? 

From My Bipolar Present to My Youth of Yesteryear

Dear Amy, 

I want you to know there will be times in your life when you will struggle with a mental illness called bipolar disorder. I know it sounds complicated, and the truth is, it is. It is complex because we are talking about your brain. However, if you learn everything you can about how to manage your symptoms and find a good treatment plan, you will do great. 

Why Keeping a Positive Attitude Matters in Spite of Depression

It is frustrating to live with depression. I get it. I walk to the beat of humming depression almost every day. It is even more frustrating to take a handful of medications and not eliminate my symptoms entirely. 

What helps me feel better is that I try very hard to maintain a positive attitude. Is it easy? No. But it is truly imperative. 

I never realized how much depression could influence my thoughts until a friend gave me some feedback one day. She said, "Amy, you and I are just different. You see the glass half empty, and I see it half full." 

Facing the Truth

Her blinders have been removed 

She has taken her gloves off and removed her coat 

She sits in stillness with peaceful knowing 

Knowing from the soul 

Inspired by the spirit 


The storm came along with no warning 

It whirled and twirled devastation 

Leaving people shocked, hurt, stunned and dismayed 

The creation of fear perpetuated 

Numbness permeated and opened wounds 


Left behind were the remnants of missing pieces 

The young woman and old soul stood strong 

7 Things I Learned at the Psych Ward

Does the title of this blog scare you? Does it make you laugh? Does it make you cry? Make you shudder? It might do one or all of those things. Most people never want to admit they have been to a psychiatric hospital. I can't say I would have ever dreamed I would be talking about this out loud, but the path between me and a psych ward is pretty long ago and I feel like there is something to be learned from every experience. 

As a mental health advocate, I believe we should never be ashamed of getting the help we need. In this spirit I share ...

My Biggest Competitor

It’s no secret that I have struggled with bipolar disorder for several years. What may be less known is that I have also fought hard to overcome numerous setbacks and personal losses as a result of my illness. I don’t like that I have had to deal with an illness as cruel as bipolar disorder can be, but the more I focus on how unfair it is the less time I have to live a full life. 

Bipolar Disorder Recovery - Don’t Forget Grief

Life was moving along pretty well for me—that is until bipolar disorder found its way to my door.  From that point on things started to get very difficult.  At first I was hit with severe manic episodes only to fall down so low I found myself knocked down with severe bipolar depression.   For quite a few years of untreated or undertreated bipolar disorder I would cycle from one mood extreme to the other.

More than a Label

I have found one of the most difficult aspects of having a mental illness and specifically bipolar disorder, is realizing we are much more than a diagnosis.  In fact, buying into the whole idea of “I am bipolar” instead of believing “I have bipolar,” in my opinion says a lot about how we view ourselves.  For me it was very empowering to start telling people I have bipolar disorder.  At first it was difficult but the more comfortable and confident I became the easier it was to talk about living with an illness.  I was much more at ease when I found myself not identifying with the illness and

Amy Gamble

Amy is a former Olympic Athlete who worked in the business world for nearly 20 years.  She has a master's degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix and an undergraduate degree in Communication from the University of Arizona.  She’s traveled extensively for business and pleasure visiting almost all the U.S. states and 25 countries around the world.

She loves dogs and recently adopted a new doggie named Brownie!  She also has one cat named Mr. Kitty.  He's a black and white rescue cat.