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Aussie Ravandi

Technique for Studying During Depression

When there is a big storm that will knock out your power you prepare for it, right? Typically, you keep water, a flashlight, and some food that doesn’t require cooking because you might lose all power. 

To some extent, it’s the same when preparing for a low swing/depression part of bipolar disorder. We tend to procrastinate preparing for depression because we don’t think we are going to go back to that state of being or don’t want to fall into being depressed through preparing. The thing is, being prepared for a low-swing can save you some serious heart ache later down the road. 

Prevention Strategies for 3 Types of Self Harm

Trigger Warning. This article talks explicitly about self-harm and different types. If you feel as though you may be triggered but still want the tips, read with a supportive person present. 

Surviving Bipolar Depression

It's like I'm Paralyzed. Not physically but mentally. It's this gripping fear of facing the day when I can barely muster the strength to get up and hit snooze on my alarm clock for the fourth or fifth time in a row. There's a relentless knocking of responsibility at my door but I am afraid to answer. I end up flipping my pillow because one side is saturated with tears and streaks of smeared mascara. In these times I feel like a little girl again. I cannot take care of myself. Depression does not care what my plans are today. I close off the world and stay planted in bed.

Aussie Ravandi

Hello, my name is Aussie Ravandi. I am a 25 year old college student living with and managing bipolar disorder. It took several years to be able to say that. I was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder at the age of 19, after years of confusion. My struggles with this disorder have had devastating effects on several aspects of my life. My bipolar disorder manifested mostly as full blown mania. I knew around the age of 16 that something was wrong. I am going to mention more about these struggles throughout my blogs.