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Liz Wilson

Wellness & My Mood Disorder

“Mindfully focusing on wellness in our lives builds resilience and enables us to thrive amidst life’s challenges.” National Wellness Institute

Reporting From the Edge

Without breadcrumbs to find my way back depression often leaves me lost in the abyss.

Kay Redfield Jamison described holding death as close as dungarees… And I wear you my friend like a battle scar, a gentle reminder of where I’ve been…

It Took a Village

Dear Supporter; 

You are the Mother who answered little Liz’s incessant questions when my curiosity exhausted everyone else. You listened to me and that made me feel important and validated. Gave me a thirst for knowledge that remains insatiable to this day. Thank you for giving me a foundation to launch from. 

Creating MY Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP): How can I help you help me?

When I did my training to become a Peer Support Specialist, I also took 20 hours of Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Training. The idea behind a WRAP is to create a deeper understanding of when and how to help you. The key is YOU. Your normalcy, your manias, your depressions…WRAP is a written snapshot of how you look and act in all three states and can be tailored to fit anyone. It is the single most helpful tool I have found to assist others---especially loved ones—understand when my mood shifts. I will explain the components of WRAP and I strongly encourage each of yo

My Journey with Trauma and Dual Diagnosis

Trauma: An incident and its physiological and psychological effects on victims and/or witnesses to the event. The DSM describes 5 types of PTSD, the label most commonly associated with trauma. I want to talk about comorbid PTSD; a diagnosis given when other diagnoses exist. In my case, Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse Disorder.

Stigma in Entertainment 2018: The United States of Bipolar

A cursory look at the research demonstrates that there is still misinformation in the entertainment industry in regards to mental illness, too few role models who are public about their mental illness/es, and that measurable strides have been made by advocates and TV/Film personalities to change the old, stigmatized portrayals of people with Bipolar Disorder, et. al. 

Seeds of Hope

I often wonder if everyone has experienced the miracle of a well-spoken or well-meaning word during times of crisis or need?  I grew up in a home fraught with poverty, but my Mother was constantly trying to make small things go a long way---both physically and emotionally.  I can remember the day I finally realized I was poor: I was 15.