My Role

Hi! I am the Program Manager at IBPF. I work on ensuring our programs run smoothly and individuals get the resources they need. I spend my days brainstorming how we can reach even more people!

What Initially Connected Me To IBPF

I originally began as a volunteer at IBPF. I have worked with many non-profits in San Diego but IBPF stood out to me because of how great of an impact their efforts make. Having grown up with a brother who experienced many mental health turmoils and parents who were lost and confused, I knew working at IBPF was an opportunity for me to truly help those that feel hopeless and overwhelmed.

What I Think IBPF Can Provide For Others

IBPF provides hope, encouragement, and compassion. Each program we offer will assist you in your healing journey as a newly diagnosed individual, an adolescent, an adult, and even a caregiver. Our resources and programs alleviate the burden and stress of figuring out where to start, and allow individuals to focus on finding the solutions that will help them lead healthy lives.

What Gives Me Hope

Witnessing and hearing about success stories makes me hopeful that when one is struggling they will find relief. While it may be a journey filled with ups and downs, knowing there is a community eager to be along for the ride gives me hope.

My Favorite Self Care Practice

My favorite self-care practice is to enjoy the unserious. Putting on a silly TV show, listening to a ridiculous podcast, or reading a not-so-fine piece of literature is one of my favorite ways to wash away the stress and pressure life can put on us.

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