Dr. Tadafumi Kato graduated University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine, in 1988, and got his M.D. degree. After residency training, he moved to Shiga University of Medical Science in 1989 and started the research of magnetic resonance spectroscopic investigation of bipolar disorder. In 1995 he got his Ph.D. degree. During 1995-1996, he studied in Department of Psychiatry, University of Iowa. In 1997, he moved to Department of Neuropsychiatry, University of Tokyo. In 2001, he moved to RIKEN Brain Science Insitute, as the head of Laboratory for Molecular Dynamics of Mental Disorders. Since 2015, he has also played a role as a deputy director of RIKEN Brain Science Institute. His major research interest is neurobiology of bipolar disorder. He published 238 peer reviewed papers in international journals.

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