My Role

I’m the fundraising chair for IBPF. My role involves connecting with individuals, organizations and companies and to provide them an opportunity to join IBPF as stakeholders in creating a world where there is mental wellness for all. The tremendous need in the mental health community is highly motivating and my goal is to move money towards the highest good so that we can fund our essential programs.  It is a privilege and honor to do this work.

What Initially Connected Me To IBPF

​I found IBPF while searching for information about bipolar disorder after my daughter was diagnosed at the age of 13.

What I Think IBPF Can Provide For Others

​Information and education are essential when dealing with  bipolar disorder because of the complicated nature of the illness.  IBPF meets this need through its programs and its relationship with leading researchers, contributions from individuals with lived experience, and affiliations with other mental health organizations. The sense of connection and community IBPF creates through its work provides support and compassion for individuals, family and friends who might experience isolation.

What Gives Me Hope

I’ve met so many people that live full lives with bipolar disorder. Hearing their stories gave me hope during difficult times that bipolar was treatable and that my daughter could recover.  The illness can devastate and disrupt lives but it can also provide an opening for understanding and compassion.  My family lives more openly and authentically since my daughter’s diagnosis and we experience a deeper richness of life.  I hope that our experience provides an example of what’s possible for others.

My Favorite Self Care Practice

I have several favorite self-care practices but one is spending time alone. Having a respite from conversation and care taking allows me to heal and rejuvenate.  My mind can settle and things become clearer. Sometimes I’ll take a walk or make a cup of tea and drink it mindfully. I also don’t mind going to the movies alone or visiting a museum. For me, it’s important to take time to disconnect and I find that it gives me energy and the ability to see possibility.

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