Terrific Tools: Peddling Prayer

During my recovery from bipolar illness my therapist suggested that I increase my physical and spiritual health.  He said I should establish routines that could make daily prayer and exercise something I could look forward to (are you kidding me?) 

After many starts and stops and several years I finally found what works for me.  I want to share it with you. 

Everyone has their own way of doing things.  Some people love the gym (I couldn’t handle the noise), my daughter, feels love as she runs and communicates with God (I can’t imagine this.  When I run my legs cry out that this is anything but a love experience), some people bike and feel the wind on their face or play sports.  

As for me, when I wake up and go straight to my stationary bike, I can pray while I peddle.  If I have people to pray for or decisions or worries to talk to God about I add them to cell phone the day before then use my list as a format to use as counsel with God.  As we talk, I often feel impressed about someone to call or something to do, if so I jot it down on a little notepad.  About half an hour later, I write these heavenly insights on my schedule, then I am ready to start my day knowing that I have completed the most important part of it. 

The truth is, for me, God is my best counselor and my exercise partner as we peddle our way to better days. 

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