The Big Reset Button

By: Trevor Simonson

If you are anything like me, you struggle for consistency. My life runs in peaks and valleys. So many valleys. A never-ending game flirting with progress, but always feeling like I am back at square one.

Square one. It isn’t real. We are always learning and growing, even when it feels like we are back to where we started. But it’s a feeling that is hard to shake, at least for myself. The feeling of deflation is real. So are the doubts.

“Why can’t I progress more in life?”

“Why do I keep fighting this battle? I always end up back at the bottom.”

“Do I have the strength for this?”

Is it even worth it?”

Why?” Why?” Why?”

This is the time to bring out something very important. The big reset button. I need it. We all do. We all get swamped sometimes. By frustration, doubt, hopelessness. We can be overwhelmed by so many different thoughts and feelings. A cycle of negative energy, grabbing hold of our being.

But remember, even in the storm, that we have the ultimate weapon with us. The big reset button. Use it as many times as you need. Let it bring you back to solid ground. Let yourself remember all of the good in life. Give yourself grace, and know that you are doing what you can with the circumstances that life has given you.

The journey is not a sprint, nor even a marathon. It is more like a rigorous hike through rough, untamed country. Fatigue is inevitable. So when you feel like you can’t go on, or if you are thinking about quitting. Remember that essential item that we all have with us. That ability to reset. To clear your mind, and let some of the fog drift away. See the path ahead of you clear up, if even just a little. As long as you can see the next step ahead of you. One step is all you need to keep moving forward. I don’t use my reset button enough. I still spend too much time in negative headspaces. But I am getting better with time and experience. I know the importance of taking a step back, and looking at the big picture. I hope that I will never forget about that reset button, and I am able to freely use it. I hope that you can too.

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