The First Time

Author: Sophia Falco


the world was fake,

merely a blue green marble

that started to crack, the lines

ran too deep the same day it rolled

off the kitchen table after the argument that

this marble was more than just a marble also a

representation of the ocean and the continents, but his

facts stood as he blocked the door way: “Just two colors”.


I became as small

as the marble as the four walls

started to close in on me, shrinking

as I buried my face in these hands that were

no longer mine alone in my bedroom, feeling like

the only human in the world—“It just feels as if you’re

dying, take the medication, and go to bed.” I complied.


After hanging up the

phone after having yelled—

“I’m dying” in a safe town then

judging myself by myself wondering

the lasting mental image of blue green marble,

it was just a marble the first time I saw it, I am

just a human when I look in the mirror they say there’s still.


The potential for

it to be a marble once again

to create a mosaic, a new narrative yet

I know never the same, the shards, I’m still

reaching for the missing glue, unequipped to be the

savior of this world fearing the arrival of the second time.


Blogger Bio

Sophia Falco is a faithful poet since she finds poetry essential to her understanding of the universe. She is the author of Farewell Clay Dove (UnCollected Press, 2021). In addition, she is the author of her award-winning chapbook: The Immortal Sunflower (UnCollected Press, 2019), the winner of the Mirabai Prize for Poetry, and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Furthermore, Falco graduated magna cum laude along with the highest honors in the Literature Department at The University of California, Santa Cruz. Her Bachelor of Arts degree is in intensive literature with a creative writing concentration in poetry. She is honored to be starting a highly regarded Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) Program for poetry along with a teaching fellowship she accepted for Fall 2022. Falco is on her way to make her dream job become a reality to be a Professor of Poetry.

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