The Importance of Self-Care

Author: Lauren Meredith

The hardships of self-care may look vastly different for everyone. One person can struggle with sleeping while another individual has problems getting out of bed, or eating properly.  Others, meanwhile, may struggle with focusing and accomplishing goals. I, for example, find I can manage showering, sleeping, getting to work however; I find I struggle with completing tasks and personal goals that I set for myself.  I’ve realized over time to take things day by day, to set limits, and prioritize what is important. After all, managing self-care is essential to one’s being.  It is the core to who we become to ourselves and to others.

In order to properly function in the outside world, I need my daily routines of self-care. I have a lot of daily habits I do including: writing in my journal, reading a devotion, writing on my personal blog, and writing on my Facebook group/blog. I work on this throughout the day to keep calm and to maintain a steady focus on what is important.  These routines also help keep me on track, especially on my bad days.  It helps to know there are other people going through similar experiences as myself and that we all have bad days. I’ve learned the important lesson which is we can lean on each other to pull through the day, moment by moment. Ultimately, self-care comes from within you; for if you cannot care for yourself, how you expect others to care about you too?

Just like bipolar disorder and other illnesses, maintaining self-care looks different for everyone. Individuals prioritize different things and self-care means something a bit different to everyone.  My priorities are my writings and blogging and ultimately, making space for myself. Creating an environment where I have at least 30min a day alone is wonderful (I do have a two-year-old at home and as a single parent finding 30min a day is a miracle). It’s a time I create for myself to rejuvenate my inner needs which leads to being a better me, better for others.My goal for self-care changes each day as each day brings different challenges and responsibilities.  Therefore, the hardships change.  This then requires a constant routine that allows you to face multiple, various challenges each day which is helpful to guiding your mental health in the right direction.

Healthy self-care daily routines eventually become good habits which leads to a happier you. Why not be happy?  Everyone deserves happiness and loved ones deserve the best you there is. In focusing on self-care, you are taking care of your needs, something others cannot do you for you. Ultimately, you are taking on responsibility for your actions and you are controlling your mental health.  You are not letting mental health disorders define you, you are defining it. Remember that self-care is more than just doing what you have to or simply going through the motions, think of it as taking control. When I commit to healthy self-care tasks, I am committing myself to controlling my mental health.  My plan consists of taking care of myself every day in order to control my mental health and I urge everyone to do the same.

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