The Mayans May Be On To Something!

The Mayans made a prediction about tomorrow 12.21.12. They claim this will be the “end of time”. This is being interpreted as being the end of the world, or perhaps the end of the world as we know it. My question is, is this really a bad thing? Think about it. Imagine the song Imagine. Imagine no possessions, no religion, no need for greed or hunger. Now imagine balance in every single way, mind body spirit, poles both up and down.

As I sit here in my brother-in-laws house in Ghana, Africa I have an open mind and an open heart to how the Earth could be a better place. From the little boys washing windshields in traffic at 10pm at night, to the hard working mothers carrying laundry sized baskets on their head selling anything from water to bread to chocolate to plantain chips all day long it makes my heart ache to watch. Not to mention the unpaved pothole filled streets that destroy any car that travels on it and the corrupted cops looking for a buck when pulling people over for no reason.

The Earth right now is filled with destruction and chaos. What if all of that came to an end? People being free. Generosity in grandiose. Positive energy radiating so much that there will be no need for medication, for anything! It might be nice to wake up from the coma that exists today. What if this is what the Mayans’ predicted. The end of the world as we know it. Not too bad, huh?

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