The rainbow after the storm: This Is My Brave

As I sit in my parked car outside the grocery store where I just grabbed a cup of Starbucks to fuel my writing, the rain pounds my windshield, coming down in sheets with such force the car is shaking. It’s the kind of rain where it blurs the driver’s view of the road, and so I’ve chosen to sit and write, giving the storm time to die down before I go pick the kids up from their grandma’s house. 

We shot a promo video for This Is My Brave this morning and I keep playing and replaying the cast interviews over in my head, hoping we got all the soundbites we needed and feeling like I may have left something out by accident during my interview. There is so much to say about mental illness and what needs to change that sometimes I’m at a loss for words at the most critical moments.

What I do know is that we’ve gathered an incredible group of brave and creative individuals who are going to stand up on that stage on May 18th to share a piece of themselves which they may or may not have revealed before. Through song, poetry, and personal narrative, our cast members will demonstrate their own experience with mental illness in order to show others that there is hope in recovery. We believe the audience will walk away with a new, more positive understanding of mental health disorders. They’ll see that the people who suffer from them are people like everyone else. We hope that by being vulnerable and talking openly, we’ll inspire others to do the same so that people everywhere will have a better understanding of mental illness and together we can silence the stigma.

And as the rain continues to pelt my windshield, softer now than before, I am reminded that the storm doesn’t go on forever. There is beauty in the raindrops that fall like the rushing tears from a depression once lived through. I remember that if we are patient, we will eventually find the calm after the storm. It’s only then we’ll be able to look back at the heartache and pain marvel at how we made it through to see the rainbow in front of us. 

Bio: Jennifer is a former professional recruiter turned writer/mental health advocate via her blog, Bipolar Mom Life. She’s currently producing a live performance theater show on mental health awareness and appreciation which will debut in Arlington, VA on May 18th, 2014 called This Is My Brave. Tickets and This Is My Brave merchandise {tee-shirts and BRAVE bracelets} are on sale via the show website. Proceeds from tickets and the sale of merchandise will go towards establishing the newly formed 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the same name to enable us to continue our mission of ending the stigma surrounding mental illness through community programs which encourage the sharing of personal stories.
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