The Secret Psychiatrist

The Secret Psychiatrist is a female doctor and psychiatrist working currently in London. She has a degree in medicine and philosophy, as well as co-founding her own charity abroad in Romania helping children with learning disabilities.

She enjoys sharing tales of her journey throughout medicine into the land of asylums across the world. When not at work, you will find the Secret Psychiatrist travelling through the jungles of Peru or surviving earthquakes in Nepal.

She has been published internationally for her work in medicine and psychiatry, and is currently writing her children’s books. The Secret Psychiatrist welcomes readers to contact her so she can answer all questions regarding physical and mental health; therapy related questions, lifestyle and food questions to help all have a better more fulfilled life. The Secret Psychiatrist lives by these three quotes of her own: 1. Laugh every day, as the wrinkles on your face will be the only thing that will remain; 2. Be kind to each other; 3. And most importantly be kind to yourself

You can connect with The Secret Psychiatrist here:

Twitter: @thesecretpsychiatrist

Facebook: The Secret Psychiatrist

Instagram: thesecretpsychiatrist

Podcast: The Mental Health Book Club Podcast


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