The Ugliness of a Beautiful Disaster

They’re the new catch phrases, book titles, songs … They’re intriguing and explain so much with so little.

Things like, “Hot Mess” or “Beautiful Disaster.” They’re contradictory yet perfectly possible in every way.


Can one be a “Hot Mess?”

I guess so.

It’s sticking a positive on a negative state of being.

So I guess I can be a “Handsome Catastrophe” or an “Fabulous Failure,” but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a mess or a disaster or a catastrophe or a misfortune. I’m still going to be a heaping ball of something negative, no matter how fabulous I look.

Although I’m all for positive thinking, and reducing negativity, I’m also a fan of being realistic. And when it comes to my friends and family, if they are a “Hot Mess,” well I’m going to be concerned. There is something clearly a mess under that hotness and no matter how much I focus on the hot factor, what really needs my attention is the mess.

I suppose what I’m trying to convey is; don’t let those little positive adjectives throw you off from what’s really going on with your loved ones. Don’t miss the overall message being conveyed.
Be it that I can be a “Beautiful Disaster” from time to time, I’d rather get myself to a state where I can be considered a “Gorgeous Success!”

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