Veronica S.

Something I Am Proud Of:

This year marks my 10th anniversary (I guess) of understanding what makes me different. What has been paramount in my success is staying on top of myself- accountability, resilience, and love. I can say I have not lived the conformed cookie cutter life. My 20’s was mostly manic with short but debilitating depressions; divorce, in/out jobs, etc. In all of this I survived not jaded and not feeling an identity with all of it. There is a quote that goes something like this “we don’t have problems, we need a plan”. Bipolar disorder is all about planning. If you are proactive you can manage it.

Advice For Newly Diagnosed:

Every life has a journey and I am sure if you are reading this you can relate to mine. The best piece of advice is to be kind to yourself, if something is working let it work, and if something is not working speak up stand up for yourself. We have this different gene but saying that makes us similar- you are not alone. You are strong and you have the power to change. With love and light let guide your way to thriving.

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