Vibhuti (Bipolar Didi)

Advice For Newly Diagnosed:

  1. Try to become self-aware. Remember. Understand.
  2. Get help from the right people and the right sources!
  3. Therapy, therapy and therapy.
  4. Accept yourself (but don’t be grandiose about the red flags in your own personality if any)
  5. Find your signature superpowers (Make sure you’re not manic when you do this!!!)
  6. Make them your anchors.
  7. Chant them like a mantra!

Something I am Proud Of:

“Focus Vibhu Focus!” I kept telling myself, but it was a fight. A smothering struggle! The digressions so frustrating, crippling. Defeating. Flow happened when I found my anchors. Anchored to the task at hand, by a tether which for me, is ‘my sense of self’! Kind of like a helium balloon which a weight tied at the end of it’s string. My anchors are like a ginormous bed of pink and white feathers. And rose petals. And cotton. Pashmina. Cashmere. Better than the best fluff you can imagine.

My anchors are two simple truths I know about myself:

  1. I am a good person, by default.
  2. I am funny.
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