What If I Fail

After I started getting treatment, I so badly wanted to find something to distract me. I tried so many different hobbies and jobs that I met with so much failure. It was painful. Part of the problem was that I wanted to move on so badly that I didn’t take the time to let my ideas blossom. Another thing was that I still needed to recover. I should have found out that it takes a minimum of two years to start seeing major results in a recovery process. 

Take your time. There is no rush. Let any ideas that you have grow a little bit. Write down what it is that makes you happy and would even do for free just to get the opportunity to do it. If you’re still worried about failure, it’s understandable. It never feels good. Let me tell you though, with failure comes success. It was so cliché, but I have personally lived it. 

I’ve been able to pursue my passions when it comes to writing, volunteering and serving God. I’ve started getting into the International Bipolar Foundation’s YouTube Channel and know that is a passion that I want to pursue as well. 

Although things are better than ever, there are still setbacks. There are still moments when things don’t go according to plan. The wonderful thing is that God will always have something better in mind. Always. 

Like I said, writing down your goals and what interests you is a great first step. Do some soul searching as well. Decide if you’re a leader, a team player or better off working for yourself. I’m a team player all the way and love being able to be part of something greater than myself, but I so admire both leaders and the people who do their own thing. Both take extreme discipline. 

Just please remember that number one is to take care of yourself first, and second is to keep finding what you’re meant to do in this gift of life that you have. If you fail, remember that it happens to every single one of us. No one is immune to it. You can and will succeed.  

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