What One Thing Can You Consistently Do to Make the Biggest Change in Your Mindset?

At this time of year people are already starting to think of New Year’s resolutions. Have you?  

Think about the title question.  What one thing can consistently do to make the biggest change in your mindset?  It could be many things.  Some examples are: limiting your time with negative people, not complaining, using thank you more often, writing a gratitude journal, having an increased sense of appreciation and acknowledging others for that when applicable, not having expectations for yourself or others, limiting how much news you watch, forgiving yourself when you make a mistake, letting go of events from your past that you still beat yourself up for, changing your poverty mentality into that of being open to new opportunities, and not comparing yourself to others.  There are various other ways that you can consciously and consistently change your mindset. 

I’ve been thinking about the question as well.  Many of the examples that I listed above are ways of thinking that I used to have.  It took consistent conscious effort however I have changed my mindset and am grateful for that.  That being said I still have many things that I can do to improve my mindset.  Next year I am focusing on doing one thing that I feel will make the biggest change in my mindset.  What is it? 

Living clutter-free. 

In the past year I’ve had times when I’ve been living in a clutter-free space.  When my home is like that I automatically feel more relaxed and grounded.  It gives me an immediate sense of peace.  For some of the year my living space has not been clutter-free.  Having it like this leads to me feeling embarrassed that it is in that state, and feeling bad about myself for being lazy. 

I’d appreciate you sharing below about your one thing!

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