Why I Stopped Drinking

It’s been 31 days since my last drink. Our doctors tell us not to drink. Even Lil’ Wayne raps in his special guest appearance on the Weezer song “Can’t Stop Partying” – “..party like tomorrow is my funeral, gotta stop mixing alcohol with pharmaceuticals.” I tried several times to stop drinking, but it was terribly hard. Ladies and gentleman, I’m a beer/bourbon snob. I love a nice craft brew and a single barrel bourbon (prefer Maker’s Mark), but sometimes I’d be just happy with some Kentucky Gentleman. I would often drink too much one night and wake up with a headache, or even get a headache midway through the first drink and say (to my wife) “honey, that’s it I’m not drinking anymore!” I tried this several times, but I also work with children….all day long. Further, I work with tantrum-ing, and sometimes aggressive children. Often, I would get done with work and want nothing more than a 40. I would even text my wife and say, “it’s a 40 kind of day.” So, enter the fall of the wagon. After that an occasional drink would turn into a daily drink. Then the daily drink would turn into the daily 3 drinks. I thought I was safe when I started drinking rum again. For some reason rum would never give me a hangover.

Well, we had some friends visit during 4th of July weekend. My friend Joe is the most reserved, introverted fella when he is sober. Get a few drinks in him and he is a child, not a drunk, a child. I was tasked with “babysitting” Joe while he lit fireworks. I have never been more annoyed. The following day I got my drink on. I noticed that I was not treating my wife as good as she or I would like while I was drinking. So that night, July 5, I decided would be my last drink. Along with being unsafe to mix with my medicine, I was becoming dependent on alcohol. I have no problem with anyone who drinks. In fact, I’ll gladly pour one for anyone. But it is no longer for me. I think it is important for all of us living with bipolar to constantly analyze our own behavior, as I did with drinking.

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