Why You Should Watch “Silver Linings Playbook”

One of my favorite movies is Silver Linings Playbook.  It is the first mainstream movie I’ve ever seen that accurately depicts the specific symptoms that each character has.  It goes into great detail about delusions, manic episodes, depression and all around bipolar symptoms.  It even goes as far as demonstrating the way people with mental illness deal with relationships, friendships and family issues. 

There is a lot of emotion that goes on in this movie.  From the very beginning it begins to dig deep into rejection, delusions, obsessive behavior and suicidal ideations, and also covers rage fits.  The main character is completely obsessed with winning his wife back.  In one particular scene, he wants to watch the tape of his wedding.  He becomes very desperate because he can’t find it.  The main character starts screaming at his mother because she has hidden it from him and she tries to calm him down.  Accidently, he ends up hitting his mother in his attempts to locate the video.  At this, his father grabs him and throws him onto a mattress.  His dad begins to shake him until he actually begins to break down and cry.  This is a pivotal scene, showing extensively the quick change from one emotion to the next.  This is also one of the most emotional scenes in the movie, especially for those of us who have been in similar situations. 

I would highly recommend this movie because not only does it cover all the emotions that someone with bipolar goes through, but it also covers the uneasiness that people around you might feel due to the lack of knowledge they may have about your illness, or any mental illness.  Stigma is a very serious issue.  In the scene when the two main characters meet for the first time, they are both invited to a dinner that takes place at the main character’s friend’s house. The two main characters begin to talk about their issues and what meds each of them has tried, as well as what they are taking presently.  In this scene, you can see the uncomfortable feelings that everyone else at the dinner is experiencing. The main characters end up leaving together and they start getting to know each other.  Personally, it is hard to find someone who understands what you are going through and puts up with your issues.  That is why it is so important to be honest with someone before you get too involved in a relationship.  Stigma is a direct result of not knowing enough about something or someone.  As I have already pointed out, this movie spans the whole spectrum of emotions. When I first saw Silver Linings Playbook, it was like an emotional roller coaster ride.

I showed this movie to some family members because of the accuracy in the emotional spiral that each character faced.  It was a way to break the ice on a conversation about what I myself and my daughter face on a daily basis.  It is definitely a good way to broach the subject with someone who might otherwise not be easy to open up with.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, make time for it.  I’m sure that you will relate to it on a psychological level.

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