Words Matter

I am now beginning to realize something that never occurred to me before: I “have” bipolar disorder. If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago, I would have told you that I “am” bipolar. What a difference one word makes. I “have” bipolar. 

Over my life, I have been referred to in many ways, always preceded with the words “he is.” 

He is: 

1. Bipolar 

2. Manic Depressive 

3. Mentally Ill 

4. Hyper 

5. Depressed 

6. Nuts

7. Crazy

8. Insane

9. Unpredictable

10. Off the wall

11. Down in the dumps

12. Delusional

13. Blue

14. Insensitive (I really hate this one, because I thought that this word only applied to others.)

The words listed above, as well as others too numerous to list, do matter. They affect the way that I see myself, as well as the way I act (or more accurately, react). Sometimes they make me feel depressed. Sometimes they make me lash out. Sometimes they just hurt.

Right now I “have” bipolar. I’m trying very hard to understand this. Sometimes a word means nothing. Sometimes a word means everything. Words matter.

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