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Dyane Leshin-Harwood

I am going to touch upon a subject in which I might offend someone I know. I’m willing to take this chance, however, for if I influence anyone who may someday take action if given the chance, I will be thrilled. If someone you know is hospitalized in a locked-down mental health ward and she is allowing visitors, GO FOR A BRIEF...

Story Tradition

July 18, 2013
What is it about stories of past episodes in our life. We all love to tell them. The amazing thing is we retell and retell the same stories to our family and friends as if they constituted a fresh audience every time.My in-laws are well into their seventies and, although they winter in Florida, they spend the rest of the time in our house. Being...

A Mother's Nightmare

April 16, 2013


I had been expecting the call. Finally, two and a half weeks ago it came. Not that I wanted it to come, but it didn't surprise me. Over the last couple years, I've expected it. And dreaded it too.When I first heard the news, I was remarkably calm. All business. What needs to be done? What are the steps we take now? Who do we call? What happens...
They come in threes.1. I spun out over Time Magazine’s controversial article Are You Mom Enough? extolling the virtues of attachment parenting, AKA, baby-centered parenting, which includes breastfeeding well into toddler years, co-sleeping and a strong distain for sleep training.2. I read about Aimee Ziegler’s death due to postpartum psychosis.3....