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The Role of Love as a Healing Force in Bipolar Disorder

I just watched A Beautiful Mind again and found the premise that love conquers all somewhat hyperbolic in the film (I kept thinking, “If you’d just take your meds…”).  But then I remembered my college English teacher, who said hyperbole usually contains a shred of truth that it is built on. So, I thought I would chronical my life and loves and examine the effect one had on the other.

In the Mood for Love: The Overlap of Romantic Love and Mania

Dr. Haase is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center and in private practice in psychiatry. She is a member of the Human Sexuality Committee of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, which has been interested in the relationship between bipolar disorders and sexuality, and has been exploring the relationship between elevated mood states and romantic love.