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Rae-AnnMy name is Rae-Ann.  I am 48 years old.  I was finally diagnosed with Bipolar 1 when I was 27 years old, after over 10 years of struggle.  For the last 32 years, I have endured many episodes, both depressive and manic.  

I now refer to myself as a "responsible" person who is living with Bipolar.  I take my medications regularly, see my psychiatrist on a regular basis, see a therapist monthly, as well as use life skills that I have been taught by my medical professionals.

Although I put my best effort into doing everything I am supposed to do, it is not a cure all.  I was recently approved for Social Security Disability.  The "Fully Favorable Decision" quoted me as testifying that, "Managing this disorder is a full-time job."

It took a very long time to get where I am today (e.g., getting over the denial, learning from hard lessons, friendships strained, family disappointment, lost relationships, etc.), but I am proud to be me!


Can't wait to start reading your blog. Good luck and God Bless!

This is an awesome story. After being in denial for 4 years after 3 hospitalizations. I was also diagnosed with Bipolar I at 27 years old. I am going through stabilization w Lamictal and prozac. Its still hard bc I went off on my boss and fight w my husband a lot. I just to try Geodon to see if it can help with the mania. I got denied SS.bc I work part.time. My husband always says I am manic and puts a lot of presdure on me to work, do the house I have a child from a previous marriage. I cant wait to read more about your story makes me feel less alone.

It really makes sense what you're writing and I am struggling through the same way you have. Thanks for good advice!

I was interested in your blog because you and I are about the same age: I'm 50. My mother was diagnosed and committed with schizophrenia and or Bipolar disorder when I was 10, and she never takes her medicine, so when I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Bi-polar, I was relieved, terrified and surprised because I have always been depressed, but I've never had the highs. I make sure I stay on my medication: 900 mg of Lithium and 15 mg of Paxil. I have an MA and teach as an adjunct, and continue to do so. The hardest part is having a husband with Secondary progressive MS and caring for him. Plus, my father-in-law also lives with us.

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