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The Powerful Impact of Yoga and Meditation with Bianca Zable

Bianca is an integrative health and wellness educator, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and social change entrepreneur. She is Founder of Be Integrative Wellness, an integrative health and wellness firm, yoga instructor, somatic experiencing practitioner-in-training and social change entrepreneur. Bianca's intention is to be in service to the fullness of the human potential.

Yoga as Medicine for Bipolar Disorder: Twelve Pain Management Suggestions To Practice On and Off The Mat

A childhood friend from my old L.A. neighborhood passed away in July, the same way that my sister, D’Arcy, died: by a drug-overdose. Both my sister and Susie experienced untreated bipolar disorder-related addiction.

Susie’s affluent, educated Hollywood friends did not have the language skills to address Susie’s issues in the last couple of years. My family was the same when D’Arcy died: baffled and stammering and traumatized by years of suffering and unexplainable behavior. 

Bipolar Yoga Teacher Teaches Bipolar Yoga Student How To Breathe

I made a friend through The International Bipolar Foundation’s Facebook page this spring. I had posted a target-market question, wanting to know what people wanted, what they couldn't find and what they hoped for in recovery. Andrea pleaded for a route to an inner place more brightly lit.

Follows is some of our continuing conversation. Reprinted with permission.

Yoga Helps Me to Connect the Dots

Yoga Helps Me to Connect the Dots

Last month I pulled a muscle in my neck while reaching into the backseat at a stop light for a book my son had dropped and couldn’t reach. Well I couldn’t reach it either, apparently, injuring myself pretty badly. After dealing with the pain for 24 hours, the next day I decided to find a hot yoga class to help me stretch out the affected muscle. A quick internet search and I was in luck! A studio in town offered a new client special - a reduced rate for a month-long membership where I could take unlimited classes. Score!