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When We Value Things Differently

In my last blog entry I wrote about the art of giving space and the example I gave was more about physical space. Since then I have had a think about a different type of giving space – giving others the space to value things differently. I think it helps me to choose positive perspectives, which in turn aids in managing my mood. 

Mad Money

I’m sure for everyone, managing money is a challenging aspect of life.  For those of us suffering from Bipolar Disorder it can be exceedingly difficult though.  Manic or hypomanic episodes can involve spending sprees, spending money that should have been earmarked for other purposes, resulting in sometimes a harder crash down to the depressive side when realizing the effects. 

3 Bipolar Disorder Coping Mechanisms the World Needs

Every time someone suggests I read an article on having Bipolar, I discover that articles written or paraphrased by normal people always find a way to quip on how people with mental illness should adopt more normal activities in order to enjoy life. It is appalling that with all the available information and sensitization on mental health, the myths like mental health is a spiritual or worldview problem fixable with a religious tweak still thrive. There are many solutions to universal problems, but human beings are not as different as we would like to believe.