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Mad Money

I’m sure for everyone, managing money is a challenging aspect of life.  For those of us suffering from Bipolar Disorder it can be exceedingly difficult though.  Manic or hypomanic episodes can involve spending sprees, spending money that should have been earmarked for other purposes, resulting in sometimes a harder crash down to the depressive side when realizing the effects. 

The 12 Steps of Christmas

“My name is Sarah and I am a Holiday-holic”.

Yes, I love the holidays. In fact, I probably love them too much. I am so emotionally over-invested that I sometimes get overwhelmed, creating a horrible disconnect between the fantasy and the reality.

The truth is that I have gone through the same cycle of manic hyper-anticipation and inevitable anticlimax so many times that I have finally come to embrace the wisdom of AA:

"I have had to admit that I am powerless over Christmas and it is unmanageable for me"