Connecting Together to Create Hope

Celebrate the power of connection to fuel hope in our lives! David Bartley joined us to recognize World Bipolar Day and sharing his fight the ring with bipolar, both the punches he’s taken and the fights he’s won. David will shine light on bipolar disorder, and by raising awareness of the challenges in mental health, he will offer hopeful solutions through the power of connecting together.

David Woods Bartley has seen his fair share of successes and setbacks, from directing a nationally recognized nonprofit to battling bipolar disorder. The latter, a brutal knock-down, drag-out fight with clinical depression, led David to a suicide attempt. Thanks to the support of a great many people and being shown the necessity of putting one’s self-care on a pedestal, David continues the important yet still challenging journey from the isolation of mental “hellness” to the inclusive space of mental wellness. His life having been saved, David is committed to moving the conversation about mental illness and suicide from the dark shadows where they now live to the forefront of public concern. In doing so, his mission is to shine a bright light on the crisis we now face and open doors to the possibility of mental health for everyone, everywhere.

Learn more about David on his website, or by emailing

Check out his Ted Talks, “How Connection Saved My Life” and “How to Save a Life By Sitting Down”

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