Finding Work That Works When You Have Bipolar

Carrie Elizabeth Lin

Presented on April 26, 2017

Carrie wrote her first blog post for IBPF, Finding Work That Works When You Have Bipolar Disorder, in 2014. To her surprise, it became one of the most viewed posts on the IBPF blog. Carrie has also received many emails telling her how helpful the post was. In this webinar, she will review and expand on the information in that post, and provide lots of additional resources. As someone with bipolar disorder and other disabilities, Carrie has encountered her share of bumps on her own career path. She has struggled to fit in with the demands and environments of traditional jobs. She has experienced prejudice and discrimination, as well as an inability to get needed accommodations. And she has experienced being out of work on Disability. But ironically, as a career counselor, Carrie has helped hundreds of people with disabilities find and keep meaningful work. Her experiences and difficulties have led her to an understanding of the importance of purpose, meaning, and contribution. Want to learn more from Carrie? Check out her blogs for IBPF here!

Carrie Elizabeth Lin, MA, LPCC is a psychotherapist and career counselor in San Jose, California. She worked for many years in the field of vocational rehabilitation, helping people with disabilities determine a good career match, build confidence, and find employment or other meaningful activities. Diagnosed with bipolar I in 1999, she is now passionate about helping others with mental health disabilities reach their full potential. She is currently writing a memoir about her life with bipolar disorder.

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