Making Your Mess Your Message: Living with, Studying, and Advocating for Bipolar Disorder

Recorded on May 4th, 2021


Andrea Vassilev

Andrea Vassilev is a 3rd year doctoral student earning her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. Her clinical interests, research, and dissertation all focus on stigma and self-stigma as she aims to provide a living example that refutes the misconceptions about those with the disease. She has dealt with bipolar disorder since the age of 14 and could (and maybe should) write a book about the rough, wild, and heart-breaking experiences it has put her through. In the meantime, she enjoys presenting her research on various facets of stigma at national conferences, leading peer support groups, and advocating for and with those affected by mental illness.

Join Ms. Vassilev for an engaging talk about creating a life that both accommodates and capitalizes on having bipolar disorder. Learn how to take charge of your care, recognize the self-stigma that may be holding you back, and advocate for yourself at school/in the workplace.

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