Breanna Newton

Something I am Proud Of

I am proud of receiving my diagnosis as well as continuing to put in the work to continue to manage the illness and get better. It took quite the journey to get to the place where I am now, and I can honestly say that since being diagnosed, going through inpatient, and attending PHP and IOP, that this is the most stable and mentally well that I’ve ever been in my life. I feel like I’ve been battling in a war against my mind my entire life, and I am finally declaring victory. I finally have power over my mental illness.


Advice for Newly Diagnosed

My advice for anyone newly diagnosed is to keep putting in the work and don’t give up. I know that receiving this diagnosis can be terrifying and make your mind spin, trying to wrap your head around it, but don’t let this consume you. I advise anyone newly diagnosed to embrace this diagnosis, and use it to empower yourself to get better. Also, be patient. The diagnosis is only the beginning, and it will take some time and work with your mental health team to build the coping skills and get on the right medications to begin to feel in control. Keep pushing forward.

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