Don’t Pressure Me, Man – A Male Mental Health Perspective: Part 2

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Pent up frustration usually presents itself in the form of anger. Anger is the surest way to boil emotions and make for uncomfortable situations. However, anger is also a sign of being depressed. Depression left untreated has the ability to lead down a negative path. 

Being a man doesn’t mean that you are weak when seeking help, assistance, or guidance. You want to seek a way to control negative emotions to not further hurt yourself or another person. Being a man has large societal pressures to maintain an image of strong and sturdy. However, with all those pressures you will undoubtedly be teeming with pent up emotions and stress. You will no longer be strong and sturdy if the kettle whistle blows, letting off steam; it comes down to how you let off steam in a positive manner. Alleviate that stress by talking to someone; talking never hurts and is good to let it all out, from time to time. If you really want to maintain that perceived societal image of strong and sturdy, it might be a good thing to ensure you do what you can to keep with being strong of mind and sturdy of body. 

Anything left untreated has the ability to be misdiagnosed, improper care treatments, or misguided personal awareness and clarity. Don’t just go see a doctor, because an ‘armchair doctor’ says you might have something, based on something that was seen once upon a time; bland generalisms hurt more than help. Take some time to research a little, see the correct physician that you feel is the right one, and let that be your starting point. The negative side effects are a cyclical motion of self-esteem issues that build into a deeper rut, if left unchecked for too long. You will always be able to dig and build yourself up out of those ruts, but the process and road might be a longer and more stressful one. 

Weight gain is one that self-esteem weighs heavily on, no pun intended. Whether you are gaining weight from medicines or stress, it isn’t something to be ignored. I, myself, have struggled with stress-eating. My wife and I have recently joked that since she has become pregnant I have gained more weight than she has. It’s always good to lay out a plan of an exercise regime, which might hit another sore area for motivation. 

The motivation and focus through all of this is to maintain strong family and friend relations, while configuring your personal needs and feelings. One does this by letting out the stress that undoubtedly builds up. Do what you need to do to keep both your body and mind healthy, strong, and sturdy. The basis of societal pressures comes from what a person can handle at any point in life; life is about living and experiencing, so why not try it in as positive of light as possible? Travel life with a strong mind and sturdy body, and you are sure to upheave negative perceptions. 

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