Good afternoon readers: It is a cold and rainy day, yet I find such relaxation when I write and when I blog. It is such a passion of mine. This month’s topic is Goals. We are in a new year, a new beginning. I know some of you may set New Year’s resolutions, and some may find it pointless because you find yourself not following through. That’s why I set goals, and I look at these goals as lifestyle changes. 

Sometimes we push ourselves too hard, set too high of expectations that are not feasible to accomplish in the period we set, or they are not realistic. Yes it’s important to believe in yourself, and to have dreams and hopes for our futures. However, it’s also important to think realistically and set goals that are within our reach of accomplishing. 

You may not believe anymore in New Year’s resolutions.  Choose to work toward these small goals. It’s a lot easier to set small goals and then reward yourself when you reach each milestone toward the finish line. For me personally, I’m choosing to set the goal of getting healthier. I started late last year, when we started going to the gym, and I plan to continue what I started. Small steps, each time I go, I do a little and each time after I build on that. 

 My expectation is not too high, but I know what I set as my goal can be reached. I then reward myself, not with food, but with a good book, or a nap. Or I do something to make myself feel pretty, I’ll pamper myself without feeling guilty. Another goal I’m setting for myself is to write more in my blogs, but not stress about writing every couple of days in my other blogs. I also want to look into writing articles that could earn some money to help us out financially. 

When you know what you are capable of, and you plan on how you will set out to reach your goal, the whole process is more organized. Instead of focusing on the overall project, focus on what you have to do for that day, which is one step closer to your final destination. 

Maybe your goal is just to get through that day, and that’s an admirable goal. Plan ahead, ways to deal with triggers, ways to stay busy, and ways to be more on top of your overall emotional well being. No matter what your goals are for this year, make yourself a priority and as you see goals being reached, your self esteem will feel the benefits.


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