Love, Marriage, And Bipolar Q&A Series: Part 1 Of 4

Long time married couple Ron and Beka Owens answer your questions about relationships and bipolar disorder.

  1. Do arguments about issues in your relationship with your husband ever trigger manic or depressive episodes? How do you deal with any issues you may have if you feel that discussing problems will trigger an episode? 

Beka:  Sometimes arguments trigger episodes, but I have found that it is better to be honest with each other than to let feelings lie dormant and fester.  I think we have had more arguments that have not caused episodes than arguments that have.  Not fighting is sometimes worse than getting it all out on the table and being honest.  We try to not let things get to the argument point.  When things happened, we discuss them openly and honestly before they get to the fighting point.  That is the best way to not cause a trigger – deal with it while it is just a disagreement, before it becomes an argument.

Ron:  Yes, discussions about issues in our relationship have caused episodes.  There was a period of time where I avoided talking with her about any issue I might have for fear of causing an episode.  What we have realized over time is that not dealing with our issues and allowing them to build over time still triggers episodes – and they tend to be longer and more severe. So we work to talk about things as they happen and work together to deal with any episodes that happen as a result.

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