Prospective college students with disabilities will find that many campuses are equipped with offices and services that address accessibility, accommodation, and assistive technology for a diverse range of needs. Student services offices and disability coordinators at many colleges work to make campuses inclusive environments through specialized advocacy, support, and academic services.

The increased visibility of these resources makes college a very compelling option for people with disabilities. In 2010, the National Center for Education Statistics reported that roughly 707,000 undergraduate students in the U.S. ? approximately 3.5% of all undergraduates enrolled ? had a disability in the 2008-2009 school year. In addition to campus-based resources, students with disabilities are also protected by state, federal, and local laws prohibiting discrimination and requiring equal levels of access to academic services, environments, and resources. This guide explains your legal rights as a student with disabilities ? both physical and learning disabilities ? and the campus resources that can provide you with assistive services and tools. Additionally, we list a number of sites, apps, and software resources designed to aid students with specific types of disabilities, be they physical impairments or learning disabilities.



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