Wellspring and the Arch Bridge School’s approach in all of its programs is founded on a belief in the uniqueness and dignity of the individual. We strive always to see, know, and reach the essential person in our care. What we seek in therapy, counseling and education is not external social adjustment alone, but to help the person access what is inherent in personality and giftedness – the “wellspring” of one’s own being – that is ultimately the basis for a stable and creative individual life.

Diagnoses and disorders are understood as problems to solve, rather than conditions of existence to be labeled and carried as a burden. Symptoms are addressed as both patterns of psychological and emotional response or as biological vulnerabilities, which were initially developed as ways to cope with pain and unmet needs or in response to stress and suffering. While symptoms can meet needs and protect the person from hurt, they are also unhealthy solutions that “work” with a terrible cost. Our shared work is to identify and confront symptoms clearly and to empower the individual and family to develop healthy alternatives while they restore themselves and their relationships.

Individuals and families are willing to make these changes only when they feel safe enough to be emotionally vulnerable and to risk new ways of relationship to self and others. The physical environment of Wellspring and the Arch Bridge School, with its natural beauty, warmth and homelike atmosphere, supports our intimate programs, while engaging students, clients and families in professionally sophisticated multi-dimensional treatment.

Each person and family is unique and different, and no single approach works the same for everyone. Therefore, we approach the person and the problem in as comprehensive and intensive a way as possible. Notably, in our residential and school programs we use verbal, non-verbal, cognitive, expressive and experiential means. Because therapy is not life, but learning how to approach life with consciousness and responsibility, we strive to provide a therapeutic milieu of experiential programs and relationships for our residential clients and school students that gives depth and immediacy to the healing and restoration processes for all those we serve.

Family relationships, trainings, visits and therapies remain a cornerstone of Wellspring programs. All parents of our younger clients are expected to work as part of the “team” and in our Children’s Residential Program parents are always welcome to work, play and eat with their children.

Importantly, Wellspring & the Arch Bridge School takes great care to screen, train and supervise our staff. We strive to assure that persons working in our programs in whatever capacity are quality people. All staff work hard to be able to meet the needs of those we serve with caring, compassion and strength, with the intensity and relational intimacy necessary to support a return to their families, schools and communities.

Our commitment in our school and each and all of our programs is to meet each individual person, student and family with honesty, intelligence, respect, strength and care in a mutual healing endeavor.

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