The Positivity of World Bipolar Day 2024 – #BipolarStrong

World Bipolar Day is celebrated each year on March 30th, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who was posthumously diagnosed as probably having a bipolar condition.

International Bipolar Foundation’s 2024 theme was #BipolarStrong! As a worldwide community, we came together to show resilience, vulnerability, strength, and much more for all to see.

We hope these comments from our Instagram serve as inspiration to all in need of hope! Scroll to view the featured post with even more stories of individuals who are #BipolarStrong.

“I survived psychotic mania, the worst days of my life, hospitalization in psychiatry, but it was on those days that I discovered who my real friends are and today I value my family more too and every day I learn more to live and be happy despite the diagnosis! #bipolarstrong” – Julia (Brazil)

“diagnosed with bipolar 2 at 19 years old. almost 3 years later and I have finally found a medication that makes me feel more stable and able to function and have found my support group. I graduate college in about a month:)” – Emily (Ohio, United States)

“I’ve been struggling with bipolar disorder since I was a teenager. It made my life hell since I was about 18. I was finally able to get diagnosed and get help starting a couple of years ago. It’s been a difficult journey but one I’m proud of. I no longer let my illness define me 🙂💪 #bipolarstrong” – Sanat (Toronto, Canada)

“I’m still here, fighting everyday! my biggest win is my resilience 💪” – Mikayla (Massachusetts, United States

“I was diagnosed last year at age 32 with bipolar affective disorder. It’s been a journey of emotional processing and working to accept the diagnosis and what it means going forward. I’m thankful that medication is helping and for support from family. I’ve gotten back into painting over the past 2 months which has helped with my mental health as well.” – Elise (Manitoba, Canada)

Had a baby a year ago at 40 years old and somehow maintained my stability through pregnancy and postpartum, without any hospitalization (my normal mo). This is huge for me! Happy World Bipolar Day! 💜🎉🌎💜” – Kim (California, United States)

I had an episode with psychotic features last summer, and am now fully recovered and preparing to start my Masters in September 😊” – John (Sweeden)

Diagnosed at age 15 after a failed suicide attempt. Received great care and treatment and in the last 30 years, married, have two children and own a successful business. Everyday is a struggle but all in all, I’m here and I’m striving. So thankful. Thankful for this online community that teaches me so much and provides encouragement. We appreciate it so much!” – Amy (Texas, United States)

“Alive! We got this y’all! Read all of your comments to my mom – she’s 75 and still learning about my diagnosis. Proud of everyone. So proud ✊🏼”  – Heather (Alabama, United States)

“For many years of my life, I struggled with high functioning depression, I overlooked it because I still functioned optimally, led a healthy lifestyle, excelled academically and advanced in my career. I simply went through life not knowing what I was dealing with, only to receive my diagnosis at the age 31. It hasn’t been an easy journey but I have overcome many obstacles. I recently completed my Honors in Counseling Psychology (Cum Laude) My goal is become a Clinical psychologist so that I can positively impact on peoples lives. 🙏🏽” – Thashni (Germany)

“Medication is getting squared away and my mood has been stable the longest it’s been in a while. Thankful for providers that listen! 🖤” – James (Florida, United States)

“My life didn’t end those three separate nights. I am now a year out from completing my graduate program to become a mental health therapist. I am forever grateful!” – Brianna (North Carolina, United States)

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share that I just lost 15klg after gaining 35 while on olanzapine! I wanted to share that is possible in case someone is struggling with weight gain from bipolar meds 🥀 happy bipolar day everyone 🤍” – Ińes (Netherlands)

“I was diagnosed at 16, It’s been a incredible journey! I can embrace it now, it has made me into the strong women I am!! 20 years therapy, addictions, healing my trauma, healing general trauma! After depression I had to rehabilitate myself back into a functioning human and independent women. That took a very patient process and I’m still growth. Fast forward 20 years later, Ive been stable for 20 years living a life in recovery! Ive been clean and sober for 4 years! I have the same therapist these past 20 years our relationship is one I’m so grateful for. and she has been helping me come off medication this past year. I work as a Peer Advocate now! I get to be of service to my clients dealing with homelessness, complex mental health and addiction. The value we hold I’m finding is like no other! I work for the health care system that helped me to get better on this journey! I actually work in the same building where my journey started 20 years ago!We are warriors! Wellness life is possible! I’m living proof! Ive come full circle and I am here to share it! 💖💖💖 I’m incredibly proud of all of you!” – Megan (British Columbia, Canada)

“Diagnosed with Bipolar 2 at the age of 30 (a few months ago) and I’m just proud to be alive. Even when times get dark, I’ve found the strength to carry on ” – Jesus (California, United States)

“I got diagnosed at 17 right before I was about to graduate high school and go off to college. I think my family doubted my ability. Things got really really tough and dark. But i did it. It took me 8 years to graduate college. I lost relationships and lots of things suffered a long the way, but I was able to complete two amazing internships that landed me jobs in my field, I was active in campus and was a leader in several clubs. I pledged the greatest sorority on this earth💙💛 I ran for homecoming.. I continued to push myself out of my comfort zone. I started painting and drawing and sharing with people. I started performing at open mic nights. I started sharing my feelings behind my work at my art shows and beginning the conversation around mental health and bipolar disorder. I have hosted several wellness and educational events about MH. I now work in the MH field and get to help other people like us every single day find their way. I am so proud I didn’t let the darkness win and I still won’t.” – Madi (Georgia, United States)

“Bipolar 2 Diagnosed as an adult 6yrs ago…currently medicated and implementing self love and self-awareness. My biggest accomplishment is that I was able to create a system for self-awareness, every morning I measure my mood and figure out what I’m able to accomplish throughout the day. I also created a community to offer free monthly meet ups, free tools and resources! I think it’s really important to join a community near you wherever you are for the support and love!! I feel like we are constantly fighting invisible battles and then try to play it off with the world. It can be exhausting 💖 So proud of you fellow warriors 💖 May light and love be your reward for showing up for yourselves, always!” – Ruth (Florida, United States)

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