Tosha Maaks

Tosha Maaks is a mom and a wife who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when her youngest boys were only 2 years old. She raised all four of her children in a house where the topic of mental health was openly discussed. After going back to school in 2012 and a turn of events wound her up in jail because of mania, she decided that recovery was a thing that was going to take 100% of her focus. That the only way for her to be well and in recovery from her illness was to tell her story.

Tosha began to study her illness and tell others about bipolar disorder so that they may learn from what she had already gone through. She believes that the key to getting better help for people is through better communication with their care providers and concentrates on teaching others how to communicate with their care staff. Truly believing the person with lived experience taught her more about her disorder than anyone else did.

Tosha is a pillar in her community volunteering her time to sit on a counsel for her county board where they make decisions that affect the outcomes of the funding for mental health in the community. She volunteers for numerous organizations teaching suicide prevention to middle schoolers, high schoolers, and work forces. She’s always willing to share her story when ever asked to break the stigma of mental health.

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