Unsupervised Trips to Publix

Some people may not have the privilege of having a spouse like I do to balance my tendencies to over spend, particularly on gourmet cooking. I started a blog with a friend of mine called Dinner Bromantic. We get together weekly to make some delicious food. We have learned that we need to set budgets for ourselves, or we will go manic on ingredients at Publix. We shop at Publix because it truly is where shopping is a pleasure. They have the best ingredients and the greatest variety, as well as a staff that genuinely gives a crap about its customers. But I digress… My wife is much more careful than I am when it comes to shopping. Money for me, like many of us battling the demons of bipolar disorder, burns hole in my pocket so hot I’m in need of a skin graft on my hind quarters. So my wife gives me a $20 budget when shopping unsupervised at Publix. This really helps because then I have to stretch the dollar and be really creative with the dish I’m preparing. I’ve learned to be pretty careful with money. I have a budget set up in excel on my computer that tells me what I can spend where, as well as budgeting for saving. So friends, when shopping unsupervised at your local Publix or grocery store of choice, take cash and leave the card at home. Hope this helps…


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