You Are My Reason

Good evening readers, what a cold frigid night were having. But I’m thankful I am inside where it’s nice and warm. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and it’s a celebration of love, but it shouldn’t just be on this special day, but every day, we experience love in some form, whether it’s love between husband  and wife, between boyfriend and girlfriend, between best friends, between mother and child, godmother and goddaughter or godson ect.

This month’s entry I’m dedicating to my husband Don of 16 years. He has stood by me through all my years of struggling with mental health issues. This poem goes out to him.                                                         

“You are my Reason”

I can remember so well, what my yesterdays were like. When I lived in an isolation of despair and fear, afraid of my own shadow, afraid the darkness would win out. I remember all the tears I cried late into the night, yet you were always there, right by my side holding me tight, brushing my cheek so gently with your hand. You are my Reason……

I tried so many times to give up the fight, but you did not give up on me, even when I chose to give up on myself. Your love shone through, it found its way to pierce my darkness. You held me gently when I cried; you would turn down the lights and just let me cry onto your shoulder, your patience with me was beyond measure, your love indescribable. You are my reason…

You wiped each tear that fell from my eyes. Told me how precious I was in your life and how much you needed me, your words are what carried me, during those long dark dreary nights! I fought through the negativity, through the lies my mind told me, through the mood swings, you were there fighting the battle with me, never once walked away.

I know things were not easy on you either during those years. I wasn’t the only one in pain, I know my pain affected you too. Yet you remained strong for me you kept it together so I wouldn’t fall apart. You held me together and cradled my heart in your loving embrace. You are my reason

My reason I fought so hard, day after day, night after night, year after year don’t like to remember those dark days, but I do remember your love and that is forever engraved in my mind and in my inner soul. You encouraged me to press on, to find my reason, that my life was worthwhile. You are the reason I fought so hard, you are the reason I didn’t fall apart, you are my reason I smile again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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