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bipolar disorder

The Inpatient Experience-What You Need To Know

Ms. Nadler-Moodie is currently in full time, self-employed practice as a consultant to hospitals regarding psychiatric care, regulatory, quality and nursing issues.. In addition she is  the Clinical Nurse Specialist at Scripps Mercy Hospital, Behavioral Health Services as she has for the past 17 years. In addition Ms.

Treatment Horizons in Bipolar Disorder-Stem Cells and Pharmacology

Dr. Kelsoe graduated from medical school at the University of Alabama, Birmingham in 1981. He completed internship training at Washington University in St. Louis and psychiatry residency at UCSD. He then went to the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland for 4 years and returned to San Diego to join the Department of Psychiatry faculty in 1989 at UCSD.

Research Focus:  

Grieving Through Living Losses

Ken Druck, Ph.D., is one of the nation’s pioneers in personal transformation, having broken fresh ground in male psychology, executive coaching, organizational consulting, parent effectiveness, healing after loss, and, most recently, the art of turning adversity into opportunity. Druck Enterprises, Inc.

The Five Point Plan

I have horrible taste in men, and it’s really getting old. I’m not gonna lie. I spent most of my twenties in a sudo manic high so lost a lot of years trying to find true love. I managed to scare off most of the men in New York and Los Angeles with my intensity which left me perpetually alone. By my late twenties all my girlfriends were either engaged or fixing their wedding veil before walking down the aisle and I was starting over.

Mental Health, Stigma and the need

Congressman Patrick kennedy served 16 years in the U.S. Houes of Representatives and is predominantly known as the author and lead sponsor of the Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act of 2008. This dramatic piece of legislation provides tens of millions of Americans who were previously denied care with access to mental health treatment. Now, Congressman Kennedy is the co-founder of the One Mind for Research campaign, the next step in the effort to bring together scientists working in variohs domains of brain research toward a common goal.