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August 6, 2014

Sarah DeArmond

I'm here to talk to you about guilt. This is something that I felt for several years after I got help for my disorder. I couldn't believe the things that I had said and done to both my husband and mother. I was beyond devastated. I was apologizing constantly. I even talked about it in therapy. Even though they had both forgiven me time and...

Denis Muthuri

Every time someone suggests I read an article on having Bipolar, I discover that articles written or paraphrased by normal people always find a way to quip on how people with mental illness should adopt more normal activities in order to enjoy life. It is appalling that with all the available information and sensitization on mental health, the...


July 23, 2014

Ashley Z

 It's only a 4 letter word. It's a terrific motivator. It determines whether or not I think life is worth living. And if it's lacking it's awfully hard to move on with daily tasks. Yes I am talking about hope. It's funny how quickly my concept of hope changes. But today I am feeling overly optimistic. You see among my illness I thought I lost...

Doreen B.

As a woman with bipolar I disorder I have experienced many major depressive episodes. During those times I’ve not only relied heavily on family, but also on friends and church leaders. As a recipient of the compassionate phrase: “I’m here if you need to talk”, I want to provide some perspective from the talking end to help those who may...

Zephyr F. 

In every one’s life there are moments when you feel like you will never be able to get up and live again. I had one of those moments in my life. During which I thought I was done with everyone. I had crashed hard. Harder than I ever did. It was a really bad time.It was a time when I was tapering off my medications. My doctor was of the opinion...

Mary Alice Do

Those of us who have a mental illness are sometimes told and also think that our mental illness is our fault because we lack faith.  This is not the case.  Mental illness is a biological disorder and can affect anyone.  Let me tell you a story found in the Bible.The people of Israel were worshipping an idol named Baal so the prophet...

The Dreads Arrival

June 27, 2014

Dyane Harwood

Today, despite it being summer and my not having to rush my two girls to school, I woke up in a big 'ol funk.  At 5:00 a.m. our precocious Lucy, now a thirteen-week-old bundle of energy, acted as a canine alarm clock and woke me up.  She was raring to go on a puppy ultra-marathon.  My husband rose early to let her outside, and he...

Natalie McKinnon

     I hope my readers are taking it day by day. Remember don’t ever let the light inside of you dim. This month’s topic I’m going to address is ”Why hospitalization is so important and what important and positive role does it play in a person’s recovery. This will be a long entry because I have a lot to say about it and will...


As I was sipping a hot cup of tea in a breezy evening, for the first time, I could feel the calmness in my soul as the wind touched my face. For so long, I had been struggling to feel this way. I had never felt this way. What was this calmness? I wondered. It was as though my soul was a baby in his mommy’s lap in a deep sleep. Oh, it was the...

Body Image

May 16, 2014

Rebecca Lombardo

When you suffer from depression, many things that might have been just a slight inconvenience in your life suddenly begin to define you.  As a child, I was always a bit overweight.  I was bullied constantly, sometimes even by my own family.  The older I got the worse it got, even though when I look back on those photos from those...


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It got me thinking about when I was first aware of my own mental illness.For me, it came on gradually. As a middle school kid, I battled waves of sadness. It didn't help that I was bullied mercilessly. As I got older, the bullying subsided, but the dark clouds didn't disappear. Then when I went away to college...

That's Not Bipolar

May 1, 2014

Gabe Howard

In my role as a mental illness speaker and blogger, I receive a lot of comments and questions. The one item that stands out is that there is a lot of confusion over what bipolar disorder is and what it isn’t.Many folks believe that bipolar disorder is just a more socially acceptable form of depression. Many people who have experienced severe...